The Friendship List- Blog Tour

Susan Mallery is a queen of women's lit. Looking for a beachy read? Grab yourself a copy and while you're at it, one for your BFF. Grab a cocktail and buddy read. You can cross it off your "friendship list". 😉 Check out a sneak peak of Chapter 1 below... Chapter One “I should have... Continue Reading →

How to Save a Life

How To Save a Life is like…Groundhog’s Day meets Final Destination. Not only is fate coming for you, someone is living it and witnessing it, unable to stop it, day after day after day. How messed up is that? Liza and Lisa are back to magical realism and damn, did they nail it with this... Continue Reading →

The Summer House

The Summer House was such a great summer read. Have you ever heard the song “She Let Herself Go” by George Strait? It’s one of my favorites. In the song, a husband leaves his wife and she “let herself go”. But not in the way you might think. She doesn’t let her looks go. She... Continue Reading →

Oh, Sister Dear…A Review

You gotta love the unreliable lead. You never truly know what’s going to happen.  Eleanor has always been left wanting. Her relationship with her mom sucks, her sister too, and then her dad, the only person she has, dies. His parting gift to her is one name. The name of her true, biological father. Whom... Continue Reading →

The Bitter & Sweet of Cherry Season – Blog Tour

I'm in a lot of blog tour stops lately, aren't I? The title of this one by Molly Fader had me from the title alone. The Bitter & Sweet of Cherry Season. I love a women's fiction like this. Maybe you will, too. Check out this excerpt: Chapter 1 HOPE Night up in Northern Michigan... Continue Reading →

Stranger in the Lake – Blog Tour

Kimberly Belle is a fantastic writer. Her stories always hook me immediately and the endings blow me away. Every time. Still not convinced? Check out this excerpt from her latest, Stranger in the Lake. The town of Lake Crosby isn’t much, just three square blocks and some change, but it’s the only town in the... Continue Reading →

On Ocean Boulevard

Slowly, but surely, I am catching up on my ARCs. Today marks the 100th day we have been socially distancing at home and well, life put a wrench in this year's reading plans. I hope all y'all are safe and healthy. It's a mad, mad world out there.  I absolutely adore Mary Alice's books. I'm... Continue Reading →

The Talking Drum – Blog Tour

The Talking Drum, available now. Book Summary: In 1971, the fictional city of Bellport, Massachusetts is in decline with an urban redevelopment project on the horizon. The project promises to transform the dying factory town into a thriving economic center, with a profound effect on its residents. Sydney Stallworth steps away her law degree in... Continue Reading →

The First Emma

A Camille Di Maio historical fiction never fails. Never. The research and creativity that she puts into her works is astounding and The First Emma is no different. The First Emma is Camille's fictional take on Emma and Otto, real life owners of Pearl Brewery in San Antonio. Meticulously researched, Di Maio's intention was to... Continue Reading →

Sister Dear – A Stop on the Blog Tour

I'm so excited to be a part of Hannah Mary McKinnon's blog tour for Sister Dear. And it's your lucky day, for I have an excerpt just for you. Chapter 1 The police didn’t believe me. A jury wouldn’t have, either, if I’d gone on trial, and most definitely not the judge. My attorney had... Continue Reading →

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