Parenting is Hard. Especially For These Characters.

This month, every book I have read so far has had parenting involved somehow. I didn't plan it that way. Around book 4, I just happened to notice a theme. Whether it be literary fiction, a domestic thriller, or an amazing beach read- all involved parents or being parents at some point in the book,... Continue Reading →


Busy Moms Can Read Too

Aside from book recommendations, the thing I get asked the most is, "How do you find the time to read so much?" I am a working mom and wife. I work 40 hours a week. Then the mom stuff comes after that and of course, there's the weekends. It never ends. I have two girls,... Continue Reading →

April & May & Reviews. Oh my!

This is why I hesitated to start a blog. I'm no good at it. These past couple months I was either too busy to write or couldn't think of anything to write about. I mean, I could in all honesty just share my book reviews I suppose. More on that later. I actually read a... Continue Reading →

I’ll Be Your Blue Sky – Review & an Ode to Marisa de los Santos

I’ll Be Your Blue Sky is the third in a series and I didn’t even realize it. This is great and I’ll tell you why. Marisa de los Santos writes amazing stories and Blue Sky is no different. It has heart, mystery, and family bonds. It starts off with Clare leaving her fiancé on the... Continue Reading →

The Room on Rue Amélie – Review

Another book birthday today! What a joyful book day for some author friends. The Room on Rue Amelie takes on WWII historical fiction from a perspective I have yet to read from- an American who joins the resistance. Ruby never imagined this is what her life would be like when she marries her Frenchman, Marcel.... Continue Reading →

Not That I Could Tell- Review

OK. So. It is rare that a book can surprise me. I’ve read so much that I can kinda tell where a book is going to go. Really. That’s not to say anything negative of a book. I still thoroughly enjoy reading them all. I just thought I had this book pegged. Oh, was I... Continue Reading →

The Family Next Door

Oh, how I've been lucky with books already this year. I am a longtime fan of Sally’s books and The Family Next Door does not disappoint. A tale of the families of Pleasant Court, Hepworth lets you in to the seemingly ‘pleasant’ lives of all its residents. Essie and Fran have new babies, Ange is... Continue Reading →

Woman Last Seen in Her 30s

Sometimes a book is just good for the soul. Woman Last Seen is a fantastic book for a woman of any age. I posted my review a while ago on Goodreads: As soon as I started reading it, I knew. You will see a part of yourself in Maggie. No matter your age. Having what... Continue Reading →

I over packed. Books. Again.

I went on a business trip to Houston and I took a lot of books.   Notice how I said business trip. I went to Houston for 5 days and packed 2 physical books, received another physical book while I was there, and of course also packed my kindle for backup. Don't even ask how many books... Continue Reading →

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