I’m Back. With a Review.

Hey guys! It's been a while, eh? How have you all been? Me, well, I've been forking busy to be completely honest. We finally bought a house! A gorgeous house. Oh but wait, we still have to sell our old house! So. I have been cleaning, painting, renovating, you name it. I am Mrs. Fixit.... Continue Reading →

Under the Southern Sky – Blog Tour? Maybe?

Ok. So. I had this book by the amazing Kristy Woodson Harvey in my calendar to blog specifically for today. However, not one search in my email comes up with anything about a blog post. Nothing. Nada. Not an email, not an invite, nothing. But for some reason, I had this date marked in my... Continue Reading →

The Warsaw Orphan – Blog Tour

Kelly Rimmer quickly became one of my favorite authors after reading The Things I Cannot Say. A miraculously, heart wrenching novel that I adored. Quickly after that, I read others of hers and jumped on the Rimmer Review bandwagon, needing to be the first to read her new stuff and then shout FROM THE ROOFTOPS... Continue Reading →

Her Dark Lies – Late on the Blog Tour

You're seeing an awful lot of posts from me this weekend. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you. I have bee busy as hell. Super GD busy. I started a new career in isolation. We somehow bought a home in isolation, and now? Oh yea, we're getting our home ready to sell. In isolation.... Continue Reading →

You Will Remember Me – Blog Tour

Who is getting vibes just from that cover photo? Anyone? Raise your hand. I mean, I'm definitely going to remember her. Yikes. I'm haunted and haven't even cracked the book open yet. Ok, yes I have, but you see what I'm doing here. I'm setting it up! This is a thriller y'all are going to... Continue Reading →

Talk Bookish to Me – Blog Tour

Um, hello. Is that not some sexy talk or what? These enemies to lovers, sexy rom-com type books are quickly becoming some of my favorites. They are so much fun to read and often the characters are relatable in so many ways (um, Bookstagrammer??? Duh.) Talk Bookish to Me was an absolute delight. See for... Continue Reading →

Local Woman Missing – Blog Tour

Oh man. When Mary Kubica has a new book, you know I'm running to get it immediately. Or, well, order online because- pandemic and everything. Local Woman Missing is heart stopping, mind blowing, neglect your children good. You'd be doing yourself a favor by reading this. Truly. Your children might be hungry for a bit,... Continue Reading →

The Summer Seekers – Review & Excerpt

I adored The Summer Seekers. Kathleen is a hoot and my heart ached for her. Liza had my sympathy and I loved following her growth. And Martha? What an adorable addition to the story. She was written perfectly and exactly who Kathleen needed (And Kathleen knew exactly what Martha needed, winkwink). This is a fantastic... Continue Reading →

The Clover Girls – Review and Excerpt

This is my first book by Viola Shipman and I absolutely adored it! I don't necessarily have the friendships these women have, but I could still relate, thinking back to some childhood friends. I loved the 80s references as a GenXer, for sure. The Clover Girls is a wonderful, nostalgic story of friendship. A great... Continue Reading →

The Woman with the Blue Star – Review

Every book by Pam Jenoff is better than the last. I love WWII historical fiction, as it brings the stories of my grandparents from that time to life. I especially love the eastern European stories, as that is my heritage. Jenoff sets this one in Poland and is the story of two girls and an... Continue Reading →

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