Summer on the Island – Blog Tour

Ready for a taste of summer? Lord knows I am. Check out this excerpt from Brenda Novak's latest, Summer on the Island. And, uh, can someone tell me where I can get that beach blanket on the cover? K, thanks. CHAPTER ONE Teach Island looked exactly the same as Marlow Madsen remembered it. Since the... Continue Reading →

The Liz Taylor Ring – A Review

Ok, I KNOW I reviewed this. I remember. I had made an overlay graphic in Canva and everything. I'm going through my book stuff today, doing some admin work, and I don't see it anywhere. None of my social platforms, not here, I didn't even have the graphic in my phone. And I KNOW I... Continue Reading →

The Unsinkable Greta James – A Review

This is the first read for me from Smith and I was not disappointed! I love what I call "destination books" and this was one of those. And the punny title is just a bonus. Greta, a famous indie rockstar decides at the last minute to join her widowed father on an Alaskan cruise. Ok,... Continue Reading →

The Next Ship Home – A Review

This book warmed my heart…broke it a bit too. Webb's world-building is absolutely fantastic. As I was reading, she had posted photos of Ellis Island and other areas she had written about on social media. What I pictured while reading and what she posted photos of were one and the same. To me, that is... Continue Reading →

Treachery Time Two – An Excerpt

Better late than never! I was scheduled to share this awesome excerpt a while back, and well, as is the common theme in these postings, time got away from me. One move, 3 holidays, 2 surgeries, and one pandemic have me going crazy half the time! Enough about me. Today, I share with you an... Continue Reading →

The Last House on the Street – A Review

I meant to post this yesterday. Yikes. Sorry! I swear, Diane Chamberlain is the absolute best when it comes to dual timelines connected in some way. She knows how to hook you and hold you hostage to two completely different time periods. The Last House on the Street is yet another masterfully written, somehow interwoven,... Continue Reading →

The Magnolia Palace – A Review

I have completed my first book of the year (Goal- 52, right on track!) and what a book it was! I was especially pulled into this book because of the family in the story. One of America’s most infamously wealthy families, the Fricks made their fortune in steel. I currently live in Pittsburgh and knew... Continue Reading →

Belated Christmas Blog Tour

Anyone still in the Christmas spirit? GREAT, because I'm still playing catch up (thanks surgery) and I have a few Christmas/winter books to share with you that are just lovely. Any time of the year really. We could all use a good, easy-to-read pleaser, right? Exactly. Get it here! First up, The Christmas Wedding Guest... Continue Reading →

My Darling Husband – Blog Tour

Hello, my friends! Long time, no see. I've been taking long absences and for that, I apologize. Hopefully, in the new year, I'll get back on track. There's been a lot going on. But hey! I had time to read a couple books at least, and this one was a doozy. So, this book was... Continue Reading →

Heard It in a Love Song – A Review

Anyone have Marshall Tucker Band in their head now? Yea me, too. Just wait- after you read this, Magic Man will plant an earworm as well. But let me be clear. You'll have no complaints from me. Heard It in a Love Song is like a coming-of-age story for the next chapter of your life.... Continue Reading →

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