The Bookish Life of Nina Hill – Blog Tour

I was telling everyone about this book before I was even finished. Nina Hill was my GURL immediately. I understood her, I got her, I think she would get me (I mean hello love of the perfect office supplies), and her inner circle was just filled with the best kind of people. Including her cousin Peter. Can I get one of him, please? K, thanks.

Clearly, this is definitely one of the best books I have read this summer. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill is equal parts quirky, loveable, funny as hell, a little neurotic and anxiety-ridden. The perfect mix, if you ask me and let me tell you, the literary references are ON POINT. If I thought I was a fan of Abbi Waxman‘s books before, well damn, this one sealed the deal. I was completely engaged the entire time and literally laughed out loud during some of the banter between friends (especially during a candid discussion on unsolicited dick picks. I don’t care who you are, it was hilarious and I was telling everyone I knew how funny it was).

Nina is completely likable and Waxman keeps you absorbed throughout the entire book. While there is a love story, I like that it’s more of a background story and not integral to the book itself. This is a novel about a young woman finding her place in the world, learning how to live her best life, and how to navigate it all. She got this.

Did I mention she also discovers an entire family she never knew she had? Yea, that’s a fun curveball too. They are a ball of nutjobs and Nina is the best parts of all of them. Her friendships and relationships are amazing and all of the secondary characters bring the book to life as much as protagonist Nina does. Together as a whole, they make a phenomenal cast.

This book is thoroughly enjoyable and something you’ll definitely need to add to your summer reads. It’s a gloriously happy Eleanor Oliphant, mixed with a little neurotic A.J. Fikry and a couple of pot brownies thrown in to round it out (you’ll get it when you read it). This is without a doubt, 5 stars. Book lovers and office supplies aficionados, this one is for you. Grab your favorite pen and make a note in your planner to pick this one up now.

What are you doing still reading? GO!

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