The Two Lila Bennets – A Clever Thriller Review

I mean. Damn. Do you have authors you pick up without question? Liz and Lisa are in that category for sure. And this latest? The Two Lila Bennetts? Holy hell. What a mindf*ck.

This book has got to be one of the cleverest thrillers I have ever read. Sure you may think you figured it out, I even had my list of usual suspects, but you won’t get it right. Something about your prediction will be completely off. Which is what happened to me. Damnit, Liz and Lisa have done it again.

I have been a fan of Liz and Lisa’s books from the beginning. Anyone who knows me was forced to read The Good Widow and become instant fans because L & L wrote it SO WELL. Yea well, guess what? Get ready for another because they have knocked it out of the park with The Two Lila Bennetts.

This book is told in a dual narrative, but not in the way you might think. Two different time periods? Eh, not really. Two different people? Yea, still not really. You are provided a glimpse into a dual reality situation and are taken along for the stomach-dropping ride. In one, Lila is kidnapped. In the other, she is forced to see her faults. In both scenarios, one person knows all of her secrets and won’t stop until everything she loves is gone. Let’s be honest, Lila is kind of an asshole. She’s not nice, she’s pretty selfish, though you do actually see a heart in there somewhere. Eventually. The first chapter I thought… I don’t like her. This is not a likable person.

Here’s the thing, you’re not supposed to. That’s the point. And someone else doesn’t like her either. Enough to tear her world as she knows it apart. How’s that for a premise?

I received an advanced copy of this book, all opinions are my own.

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