Things You Save in a Fire

When it comes to tough, Hanwell’s picture is probably next to the definition in the dictionary. She is a firefighter. A strong, resilient, smart as hell and quick on her feet, firefighter. But is that enough to go to Boston? They ain’t exactly lookin to have a ‘lady’ in the firehouse out East.

See, I’m not sure the synopsis on Goodreads does this book justice. In Things You Save in a Fire, Cassie Hanwell has built a nice wall around herself since her mom left 10 years ago. Simply put, she is BAD ASS. It’s been just her and her dad in Austin. Honestly, she fell into firefighting. But when you know you’ve found something you’re really good at, you just KNOW. And Hanwell is a really, really good firefighter. Anyway, so, the synopsis talks about love and while there is a story in there, this isn’t some romance. Suddenly, Mom is asking for her after all this time and she is just expected to go? To leave everything for some deadbeat who abandoned her? Ha, ok. Sure.

Things You Save is a story about resilience, empowerment, and above all, forgiveness. Does Cassie find love? You’ll have to read to find that out. She sure is stubborn, though. And full of so much heart and hurt. She really needs to prove that she can handle the job that have been held by men for one hundred and twenty years at this department. She should probably let a few of those walls come down too.

I am so glad I got the chance to read this book. I pictured what I knew from folks I know in the field, peppered in with some of my knowledge from Dennis Leary and Rescue Me (remember that show?!). Center’s portrayals are on point and the characters, every single one of them, were written brilliantly. I’m already casting in my head.

Definitely pick this one up for an end of summer read. Highly recommend.

I received an advanced copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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