The Next Ship Home – A Review

This book warmed my heart…broke it a bit too. Webb’s world-building is absolutely fantastic. As I was reading, she had posted photos of Ellis Island and other areas she had written about on social media. What I pictured while reading and what she posted photos of were one and the same. To me, that is an amazing author. To be able to build a picture in your mind and have it that precise, I mean, wow. And then there’s the story! These girls had my heart from page one. As a Sicilian descendant, it made me wonder what my family went through just a couple of generations ago. Or even that my parents were allowed to marry just over 30 years ago, as my mother is Sicilian/Italian and my father is Hungarian/Polish. What a scandal that would’ve been just a couple of decades earlier.

The story of Ellis Island and Alma and Francesca struck a chord with me and I think anyone who has had family members emigrate will feel the same. The American Dream is something many sought after (and still do), but it’s not that simple. Hardships were experienced by many, prejudices too. Sometimes it feels like things haven’t really changed…

This book was stunning and I highly recommend it. I received an advanced copy of this book and all opinions are my own.

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