The Liz Taylor Ring – A Review

Ok, I KNOW I reviewed this. I remember. I had made an overlay graphic in Canva and everything. I’m going through my book stuff today, doing some admin work, and I don’t see it anywhere. None of my social platforms, not here, I didn’t even have the graphic in my phone. And I KNOW I made it. I felt like I was going mad. The graphic was indeed in Canva, but a review was nowhere to be found. I even swear I have a memory of the author thanking me. Alternate universe? False memory? Time Keepers messing with the timeline? No idea. In any case, I loved the book. I always love Brenda’s stories.

When I saw that she had a book coming out about Liz Taylor’s ring, I had to read it. Let me say, she did not disappoint. The story centers around three grown children, the truth of their parent’s marriage, and the heirloom they thought long gone. Intriguing, with multiple POVs and drama, this book hit the spot.


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