Who’s Ready for a Christmas Fable?

For this holiday season, I have for you, The Great Tree. This short novel delivers a tale of good vs. evil with sorcerers and goblins, wild animals, acts of heroism, and long-lost siblings all woven together in a thrilling and epic story about the magic of Christmas — and how it evolved into the holiday we know and love today, with a noble tree as its central figure.

Can anyone say “stocking stuffer”?? This book is a must-have for the holidays. Written by Able Barrett, all proceeds from this work will be going to The Last Road Dog Animal Santuary. If only because I’m a dog mom to four rescues, how can you say no?

If that didn’t peak your interest enough, allow me to sneak you an excerpt of this fast-paced short story:

The room at the inn had a window that faced the Great Tree with the castle
by its side. As Andrew gazed through the window at the castle, his mind wandered
back to his mother, who was at home sick with the deadly fever. Although she
wanted to see her lost son one more time before she passed, she insisted that
Andrew not look for him, for it was much too dangerous. She made Andrew
promise that he would not venture off and search for his brother. Andrew agreed
not to.

Andrew was now looking for his brother, Nicholas, in defiance of his
mother’s wishes. He had made up his mind that he could not live with himself if he
did not try. He understood his mother’s concern, but he felt he had to do what he
thought was right. He lied to his mother out of love for her and because he did not
want her worrying about him on his quest. Right or wrong, it was the way he felt
about it. Nicholas had been abducted by an evil Sorcerer, an evil wizard of sorts,
when they were both very young. Nicholas was his older brother. Andrew had been
searching for Nicholas for weeks; he was now at a small mountain village where
he had hoped to find Nicholas and bring him back to his mother before she died.
With Jenny at his side, Andrew, weary from his lengthy travels, fell soundly
asleep while gazing at the castle in the distance.         

Intrigued? I knew it. Just in time for the holidays, pick up The Great Tree, A Christmas Fable and help dogs, cats, and even horses in need of some love. 

Able Barrett is a former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney and U.S. Department of Justice Organized Crime Strike Force Prosecutor who shamelessly admits he loves animals more than most people, and he’s the manager of The Last Road Dog Animal Sanctuary.
Drew BB & PB
Lost Road Dog Sanctuary is an approved 501 (c)(3) Animal Public Welfare Charity that rescues dogs, cats, and horses.


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